Nathan is a goofball... and he is only kinda smart. He kinda looks like spongebob squarepants, But doesn’t act like him. He is funny, gross sometimes, and always hungry. He likes a girl in their grade named Rachel and he also likes another girl named April.

When did he get created? Never thought you’ll ask. He got created with Jack in 2017, But is coming in 2029 on tv and coming in comic books In 2027. He is squared like an box. Doesn’t he remind you of some stuff? Like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cardboard Box, or Spongebob? Does he remind you of that stuff?

He haves a treehouse in Jack’s yard and it’s a secret hideout/lab. They are crimefighters and spys. They have jackpacks, magetfinding glass, cameras, and more stuff! They have a phone In their hideout.

  • Nathan is goofy
  • Nathan is an unknown species
  • His friend is Jack
  • He likes 2 girls in his grade/school.
  • He’s kinda smart
  • he could be gross sometimes
  • an goofball
  • looks Like spongebob


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